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November 4th, 2004

06:54 am
Remus, Sirius, and Peter in the ShackCollapse )

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November 3rd, 2004

07:48 am - I Love the Marauders!!!
Okay, so I'm uber excited because the Marauders are what made me absolutely fall in LOVE with POA.

The Mandatory PicCollapse )

I've also got a ff.net link which I will post later.


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November 2nd, 2004

06:07 pm
The Shrieking Shack. I know you've seen these, but that doesn't mean it isn't nice to see them again! ;)

...and embraced Black like a 'brother'Collapse )

PS: Like my mood icon for loved? (No, not the smiley that you see on the front page)
Current Mood: lovedloved

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05:41 pm - Welcome to MWPP Daily!
Well, I know there's already hpguys_daily, but I thought a community just for the Marauders with special rules would be a great thing to have. Oh, and don't mind the community icon. I think it will be temporary. I just find it amusing!

Have fun!

David, Gary, Remus, Sirius, and PeterCollapse )
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